KCHAG youth camp has been the heartbeat of
the evangelical Armenian community in Lebanon for 50 years.
The site is located on 5 beautiful hillside acres, covered with stately pine trees.

Initially, the camp was conceived as a center for cultural, social and spiritual activities, to serve the Lebanese Christian Community in general and the Armenian Evangelical Community in particular. It was intended as a conference center for children, juniors and young people, where they could spend a week or two out of the city hearing and studying God’s word amidst His great creation.

The first youth conference in KCHAG Center was in 1949, and it was carried out under tents.

KCHAG Concept

The main inspiration of this project was combining nature with architecture. Studying its nature by integration topics:

Tree house, Explored window, Thrones reflection Gate, Leaf patterns…

Translating them into architectural elements and creating a complete blended and balanced construction.